Monthly Archives: May 2009

GIMP or Photoshop

Judging by the two comments I received so far, there are those who dual boot between Windows and Ubuntu, primarily because of Photoshop, a Windows-run application.

An excellent counterpart of Photoshop for Linux is GIMP, short for Gnu Image Manipulation Program. It’s open source software and free. You can download the software from the GIMP website here.

Admittedly I’m not a graphics designer, but I use to do little imaging tasks on Photoshop. When I started using Ubuntu, GIMP came with the package and I pleasantly discovered that GIMP can do the same tasks I used to do. Of course, there’s a learning curve, but it’s certainly worth the application. You can download an excellent guide through this link. There’s no opt-in, no fees, nothing. Just right-click on the link and download to your hard disk. It’s a huge file, though, about 28 mbs.

However, if you’re running Ubuntu and missing Photoshop, you can run Photoshop from within Ubuntu through an application called, Wine, which allows certain Windows applications to run within Ubuntu. Your copy of Photoshop should be a licensed one, though, to run it; and your version of Wine has to be the latest. You should be able to find help with the installation through several forums in the ‘Net.

Do comment below if you’ve had experiences with GIMP or using Photoshop within Ubuntu.