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Goodbye Geocities

Many, many moons ago when I started out exploring the phenomenon called the World Wide Web, I came upon the free site, Geocities. That’s where I built my first site.

I don’t even recall what the site was about, but it was fun building it, joining web rings and putting up guest books. I didn’t even know what spam was then and I mistakenly sent out a broadcast in a list I joined, inviting list members to visit the site. Fortunately only 2 members flamed me. I did apologize. One of them forgave me, the other continued to berate me and didn’t believe I made a mistake. A few others kindly taught me netiquette, so to speak.

So why am I talking about Geocities? I just heard Yahoo finally closed it down. I joined Geocities even before Yahoo took over. It’s a bit of ‘Net history that I was a part of.

With the rise of social networking sites, free blogging sites and the like, Geocities lost relevance and experienced a sharp decline of membership over the years.

Well, it was great knowing Geocities. I salute you!

Having Fun with GIMP

Admittedly I’m not a graphic artist. Perhaps this is why I appreciate GIMP.

For those who still don’t know, GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a free and open source image editing software. But don’t let the "free" label mislead you. GIMP is a professionally-created and powerful software.

For guys like me who don’t have the moolah to splurge on commercially available graphics software such as Photoshop, GIMP serves me well. I build my own websites and create my own site graphics such headers, footers, etc (I’ll show you a couple of them soon).

Fortunately, there is a ton of help out there in the Web on how to use GIMP. One such resource is Go to the site and type in ‘gimp’ in the search box and you’ll receive an array of articles on how to do things with this remarkable software.

Go experiment with GIMP. You just might be a graphics artist in the making.

Got a New Twitter Account

Actually I’ve had a twitter account already but this was for my parenting advice.

So I created another one for software enthusiasts, whether the software is free or not. I’d like to get in touch with twitters who like to talk about software, particularly but not exclusive to open source.

If you have a twitter account, do follow me and I’d certainly follow you. My twitter page:

Twit away!

Must-have Twitter Apps

I love Twitter (not Tweeter). It’s simple, easy-to-use and you get to read other people’s views on various issues. You also get tips and resources on most anything under the sun.

The only problem is I can’t stay the whole day in the Twitter site. So I use a couple of apps to keep me abreast.

One is TweetDeck. It’s a desktop app that monitors your Twitter account. They have downloads for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. I use Linux (Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex). TweetDeck gives a little bird sound whenever someone updates.

The other app is TweetLater. This is a web-based app that automates Twitter activities. For example, before using this app, I used to manually write thank you notes to those who follow me. TweetLater now does that for me. The app also automatically follows those who follow me and then "unfollows" those who "unfollow" me.

TweetLater also can schedule my Twitter updates, although I still have to find a reason why I should do this.

So, if you’re into Twitter, get these apps. To say that they’re cool is an understatement.