Finally, A Truly Free Logo Maker

I like making simple company logos for friends. And I use Gimp, the free open source graphics tool.

But there are times I get stumped on designs and lettering. So I go to the Web to look for free logo makers from where I can create a logo, download the logo and tweak it.

I have found a few by searching for the term, “free logo maker,” but they are not really free. They are free to design online, but you cannot download the finished design without paying for it; and the fees are quite high. So there’s a bit of a deception in those sites. Technically, you are free to make the logo, but that’s about it. You won’t be able to download it.

So I was extremely delighted when I found this particular site that allowed me, not only to design a logo, but to download it. They do ask for a donation when you click the link to download your finished design, and the minimum donation is $10, but they don’t force it on you. And they have a collection of pretty cool designs and lettering. Certainly, $10 is so much affordable compared with the $50+ that other supposedly “free” sites ask for.

The site is called Logo Snap. Here’s the link:Logo Snap. There is no hidden affiliate code in that link. They don’t offer one. I just wanted you to know about this terrific service.

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