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Ubuntu 9.04 Better and Faster

Ubuntu 9.04 has been released and I’ve upgraded. The verdict? It’s better and faster.

I can’t compare it with Windows or the Mac, since I’ve forever scorned Microsoft and I’ve never used a Mac. But if you want an article on comparison, here’s one by Renai LeMay: Ubuntu 9.04 as slick as Windows 7, Mac OS X.

If you want to check out Ubuntu 9.04, you can go to the Ubuntu site. Ubuntu is a Linux distro and is free and open source.

Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex Released

The creators of the most popular Linux distro, Ubuntu, have just released version 8.10 named Intrepid Ibex. The previous version is known as Hardy Heron.

Ever since I boldly changed my laptop’s OS from Windows to Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron, I discovered the wonderful amazing world of Linux and open-source software. Changing my OS was, least to say, a profound experience. No more slow boot-ups, malware, fear of viruses and all those frustrating situations that accompany Windows (I had XP).

Now, the much-anticipated latest release of Ubuntu is here!

If you still have Hardy Heron, here’s a quick tutorial on how to flawlessly upgrade:

If you still are not using Ubuntu, now’s the best time to do so. I believe you can still try it alongside Windows if you’re a bit wary. Just go to the Ubuntu site for more info. In any case, whether you’re trying or changing, the distro is free and will always be.