Ubuntu 9.04 Better and Faster

Ubuntu 9.04 has been released and I’ve upgraded. The verdict? It’s better and faster.

I can’t compare it with Windows or the Mac, since I’ve forever scorned Microsoft and I’ve never used a Mac. But if you want an article on comparison, here’s one by Renai LeMay: Ubuntu 9.04 as slick as Windows 7, Mac OS X.

If you want to check out Ubuntu 9.04, you can go to the Ubuntu site. Ubuntu is a Linux distro and is free and open source.

1 thought on “Ubuntu 9.04 Better and Faster

  1. KevMaverick

    Better, faster?

    Absolutely! I’ve timed both XP and Ubuntu 9.04 from boot, and there is quite a significant difference.

    XP takes 1 minute 45 seconds to boot and load all drivers, and reach a state where I can use it.

    On the other hand, Ubuntu 9.04 takes 45 seconds to reach the same point.

    There are so many other advantages once it HAS booted up, that I’m not going to list them all, it would take too long!

    To deviate slightly, I’m also testing another Linux distro, which is called Linux Mint, and it seems every bit as good as Ubuntu, which is not surprising as it is based on Ubuntu.

    Where Mint seems to come out on top is that it automatically provides the missing components for playing video/mp3/dvds, which is something that you have to do manually with Ubuntu. Add to that the fact that it also has some neat programs/options/menus that are exclusive to Mint, and you’ll understand why it has such a good reputation.

    Ubuntu is still my first choice though 🙂


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