What Do You Know About the Android OS?

The new Android phone has probably been seen or heard in some advertising you’ve been exposed to recently. The new Google phones have been the topic of recent conversations but you want to know more. The Google phone is the next generation in phones using the Android Operating Systems (referred to as the Android OS). The Google phone is unlike other phones using the same OS.

An informed decision must be made before choosing a phone using the Android OS. The good news is that, if you are using an Android or Google phone, you have your hands on a smart phone! Smart phones are no longer being held back by the limitations of the iPhone and Blackberry, the market is expanding! There are many interesting facts to explore about the Android OS here are a only a few if you’re interested.

According to one website Google is not the original creator of the Android OS. We are very aware of the fact that Google is given all of the credit for creating this OS and these phones. In fact many people simply call them “Google phones” when they are checking them out. Rich Miner and Andy Rubin, according to the research we’ve done, are the actual creators of the OS. It was actually invented in 2003 by these guys who then sold it to Google for a tidy profit. Even though they bought it in 2003, they didn’t release it right away and, instead, chose to spend a few years on further developments so that it would be better prepared for the mobile market.

If you aren’t happy with your iPhone handset that’s too bad. There are some options to choose from if you do not like the Blackberry headset. If you decide that you don’t like one of the handsets that uses the Android OS you have a lot of other options to choose from. If you like having a lot of options available to you, you will want to choose one of the Google phones. This is because all of the major cell phone manufacturers are starting to use the Android OS in their phones so whatever your handset preference is, there is going to be a Google phone for it.

Recent studies show that, especially where Android OS phones are concerned, men use smart phones more than women do. It actually doesn’t matter what kind of smart phone it is, women are not as likely to buy smart phones as men are. The numbers are closer together when the iPhone is study. A tiny bit more than half of the iPhone users are male. Almost three quarters of Android OS users, however, are men. We are not sure why this is. Maybe because men seem to be far more likely to buy new technology as soon as it is released? There is no definitive reason for the study numbers to be what they are.

Choosing your next cellular phone used to be easy. You probably just accepted your free upgrade from your provider. Now you choose your provider based on its available phones. The good news for smart phone fans is that, thanks to the Android OS, you can have a smart phone no matter who your provider is! Aren’t you glad to learn that?

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